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Mold, how did this get in my home?

Molds are a form of fungus. There are many different molds and they can be found both indoors and outdoors. Molds spread through the production of spores, which are present in all indoor environments and cannot be removed from them. Spores are capable of surviving in harsh conditions that otherwise prevent the normal mold growth. Molds grow best in moist, warm and humid environments, easily created in the home during the winter. When mold spores land on a damp spot they can begin to grow. Molds are capable of growing on a variety of different surfaces, including fabric, paper and wood. Spores make their way into the home either through the air or after attaching to objects or people. Open windows, doorways and ventilation systems are all gateways through which spores can enter. Clothing, shoes and pets can all facilitate the arrival of mold within the home. Mold will only grow if spores land somewhere that has the ideal conditions for growing, which are places with excessive moisture and a supply of suitable nutrients.

Mold can often be found in areas where leakages and flooding have occurred and near windows

where condensation builds up. Mold growth is usually noticeable and is usually visible and often produces a musty odor. Mold can cause serious health problems if it is not treated and removed from the home. Controlling moisture is crucial to preventing mold from growing indoors. Acting quickly in the event of a leak or spillage is important, and drying areas within 48 hours of exposure to excess moisture should ensure that mold will not grow. Be sure to look around any home you are considering purchasing to see that mold is not present. Especially in homes that have had previous leaks or that have been sitting unoccupied for a while. A Home Inspector is also trained to identify the existence of visible mold growth in a home. This is just another plus to having any home inspected by a certified home inspector.


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