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Water, the Number One Destroyer of Homes

The importance of moving rainwater away from your home

Keep in mind, the number one destroyer of homes is water. If a home does not have adequate flashing, a gutter system, and down spouts with extensions that move water away from the foundation of the home, the home can be severely damaged. When it rains, water runs along the roof and can enter in any cracks or crevices that are not caulked and protected by flashing. This includes any vent penetrations from systems within the home that exhaust above the roof, like plumbing vents, gas exhaust vents, and fireplaces. The water then runs down the side of the home, soaking the whole house and any siding, wood, or metal components of the home. If this water does not dry quickly, these areas of the home can experience rot, mildew, rust, or even decay that can leave the exterior of the home damaged. Water can even damage brick homes and cause the brick grout to crack or erode over time. No home or siding material is exempt from water damage. Flashing keeps water from damaging the roof itself and from entering the attic and its insulation below the roof.

A gutter system is also extremely important in preventing the water from running off the side of the roof and destroying the eaves, soffits, and fascia boards. Without downspouts and splash blocks or extensions, the ground near the foundation can erode or become saturated and this can lead to the foundation being damaged. The bottom line is that a home needs to be protected from water entry by adequate flashing and water needs to be properly removed away from the home with a gutter system. Many homes I have inspected with no gutters have had significant damage to the eaves, soffits, fascia boards, and the wood framing around the windows and siding of the home. The homes that had gutters did not have these problems. Which prove the point that flashing and gutters are extremely important to protecting a home. Do you have leaks in your attic? Is your home protected by a water removal system?

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