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Should I have Gutter's Installed?

As a home inspector and also a home owner, I cannot stress enough the importance of a gutter and water removal system. Some years ago I used to wonder why some homes had gutters and others didn’t. And if they were not mandatory, why even have them installed. Then I purchased my own home and we had an area around our back door that did not have gutters. Over a couple of years, the wood around the framing of our door became so rotted that water was entering our home. The water was running off the roof and splashing off the patio and back onto the door and surrounding framing. The patio also cracked from the constant running of rainwater onto it. You could see mold around the trim near the door in the inside of our home where the water had rotted the wood and was coming into the house. Boy was this a learning lesson. We had to have the mold cleaned and the door and framing replaced, which costs us about $1000 dollars. The contractor asked us did we want to install a gutter over this area of our home to prevent the rain water from doing this again. We agreed and that was my first experience of how important gutters are to a home. Have you had a similar experience or seen a home damaged by water?

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